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The Case for Data Analytics in Game Publishing for iGaming Ecosystem

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iGaming Industry, known for its inclusive nature, accommodates a diverse array of participants such as game developers, publishers, operators, payment solution providers, and affiliate marketers. A shared foundation of seamless data flow binds these stakeholders, fostering real-time exchanges that yield intelligence, actionable insights, and analytics. While industry discussions often spotlight operator-based analytics, a shift is needed to empower all participants with the transformative potential of data analytics.

Examining the role of game publishers reveals a rich source of information related to players’ gameplay and activities, even without accessing player-specific details. By leveraging data analytics, game publishers can effectively address numerous business challenges.

Based on our extensive experience in Data Analytics for online gaming companies at Vindiata,

Here are top five challenges faced by online gaming companies

Operator-Based Challenges:

  • Gain insights into operators at full potential or underutilized.
  • Determine optimal operator relationships to strengthen or reconsider.
  • Identify games for promotion with specific operators.
  • Analyzing operators with right data driven strategies in place can help game providers take strategic decisions enabling efficient and optimal allocation of resources.

Game-Based Challenges:

  • Segment games based on performance with different operators and geographies.
  • Understand the life cycle of a game with a specific operator.
  • Determine strategic actions to enhance game profitability.
  • Game level analytics can be very effective in providing insights for data driven decision making.

Promotion Challenges:

  • Identify optimal incentives to encourage operators to promote a game.
  • Gain insights into ROI from a promotional event.
  • Anticipate expected ROI for a planned promotion.

Financial Challenges:

  • Continuously monitor real-time profitability.x
  • Generate monthly invoices for partners based on promotions and agreements.
  • Systematically track and reconcile payments to all partners.
  • Automated solution like Finrecon is a very quick way to overcome financial challenges.

Fraud Challenges:

  • Promptly detect and identify instances of fraud.
  • Establish a robust case to confiscate winnings from fraudulent players.
  • Enhance evaluation and delivery speed without delays. 
  • To dive deeper into Fraud Analytics, check out our post on gaming fraud types here 

While the provided challenges offer a solid starting point, game publishers may encounter additional, custom challenges that warrant analytics adoption for comprehensive business insights.

In the fast-paced iGaming environment, addressing queries efficiently is essential. Unlike traditional BI methods involving time-consuming report compilation, game publishers should embrace a modern Data Analytics infrastructure. This system should encompass multiple data pipelines, aggregating information from diverse gaming servers into a centralized data lake. Incorporating data models and transformation and visualization, this infrastructure follows the 3V’s principle—emphasizing velocity, veracity, and volume. Learn more about data modeling and data visualization in our blog section

The effectiveness of such an analytics infrastructure, inclusive of architecture and frameworks, is paramount in navigating intricate challenges. Beyond streamlining insight extraction, this robust system plays a pivotal role in shaping strategic decisions for game publishers within the dynamic iGaming landscape.

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