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Unleash data-driven dominance in the Gaming market. Our comprehensive analytics engine digs deep into your games, revealing hidden opportunities for growth. It helps create financial reports with confidence and has ability to integrate customizable KPIs for ease of operations. Maximize your profits and conquer the competition, one data-driven insight at a time.

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Game Pulse

Operator Pulse

Promo Insights

Financial Reporting

Data-driven dominance

Game Pulse

Say goodbye to guesswork, hello to growth! Uncover your game’s hidden potential on every platform.

Our analytics engine unlocks your game’s hidden potential across different platforms by analyzing player behavior and revealing key metrics. It also provides intelligent recommendations for the most impactful promotions, enabling you to harness their full potential.

Unleash the power of data before your competitors do. Get your Engine running.

Actionable Insights, Effortless Intelligence

Operator Pulse

Drowning in operator data but yearning for actionable insights? Introducing Operator’s Pulse – your all-in-one gaming operator analytics solution. Operator Pulse reveals which operators are underutilized or operating at peak potential, empowering you to make strategic decisions effortlessly. Say goodbye to guesswork as it recommends the best games for promotion in specific operators. Ready to elevate your insights? 

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Effective promotion, maximum ROI

Promo Insights

Fizzling promotions are a major pain in gaming industry. Is this something you struggle with too? Fizzling promotions drain engagement, revenue, and resources. 

Unleash the fizz in your promotions! Promo Insights tracks promotions in real-time, from big-picture overviews to granular details. It reveals the true impact of your campaigns on revenue and loyalty, empowering you to transform Campaigns that go cold into sparkling successes. Data-driven insights fuel engagement, ignite revenue, and spark lasting customer satisfaction.

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Say goodbye to spreadsheet nightmares.

Financial Reporting

Buried in spreadsheets? Tangled in numbers? Wish you could see your game’s revenue, promotion costs, and impact all in one place? 

Stop the frustration! Financial Reporting is your answer you’ve been waiting for, turning complex data into clear, actionable insights. Generate beautiful, shareable reports in a click, with game-specific details that reveal your top games. Track costs alongside revenue, finally uncovering the true ROI of your campaigns. No more playing financial charades. Financial Reporting empowers you to speak the language of success and make data-driven decisions.

Unlock financial clarity: Get your Financial Reporting trial today!

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