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Hold the vision, trust the process

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Right answers can be found, only if right questions are asked.
Understanding the broader aspect becomes essential to grill down to the nitty-gritties of a business issue. After exhaustive discussions we propose an analytical approach.

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Ignore the noise, focus on the note.
At this stage, we form an intricate relation with the data and explore it using various techniques. We come up with the most accurate and reliable model/solution to the given problem.

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Every data has a story behind it.
We put into words, a tale based on the crunched numbers and blend in the narration with technical implementation. We keep a track on the success metrics and try to make the solution sustainable.

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Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection.
The journey of Data Science is an iterative one and the solution gets better every time. Your feedback helps us in improving the service.



Our proven expertise

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People Analytics

Insights on people data for outsized business returns are important. We have comprehensive expertise in deep interactive visualization of HR process data, interactive metrics and KPIs, predictive and prescriptive analytics in key areas like attrition, absenteeism, ONA and inferential statistics based on strategic HR consulting.

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Retail Fraud

Identifying frauds by internal or external stakeholders is quite exhaustive. Our fraud detection system can help you identify fraudulent activities, curb losses and inculcate trust among your customers.

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Revenue Assurance

Manual methods of revenue assurance are plagued by human errors. Our revenue assurance service simplifies the meticulous task with an automated and standardized solution to verify the accuracy of the versatile data across different systems.

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Cyber Fraud

Illegal use of online resources can hamper the growth of a company. We design solutions which are exclusively tailored according to your needs. We leverage our deep expertise to provide an automated in-depth analysis and identification of fraudulent activities.

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Customer Retention

Break the customer churn cycle before it breaks your growth. We help you know your customer better, predict their next move, create personalized experiences and prosper relationships through useful insights.

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Chatbot Automation

Answering customer queries could be tiresome and time-consuming. Our ‘inhuman’ chat-bot serves 24x7x365, never making your customer wait while you reduce the customer service costs, improve customer engagement and make more sales.

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Network Analysis

Organizations fail to leverage the potential of their hidden networks. Our expertise in Network Analysis helps in decoding the key influences and in capturing this benefit across your organization.




Raja sengupta

Raja sengupta

Statistical analyst, data scientist, programmer and project manager. Raja has over 17 years of multifarious experience in data science in large corporate & academia. His primary focus has been on research and disruption based product development. Raja believes in capitalizing from the entire spectrum of cutting edge research in data science, particularly NLP, applied to HR. Masters in applied statistics & extensive R&D in DFSS from the Indian Statistical Institute, Bangalore.

Amar Kumar

Amar Kumar

Data Scientist, Delivery Manager and a Consultant. Amar has worked in versatile domains such as Banking, Manufacturing, Mining industries and has over 13 years of experience. He has a paramount expertise in data product development. He has worked along with many C-Level executives. He worked as a Data Scientist at BancTec TPS and is a Senior Specialist Data Scientist at a leading Fraud Analytics Firm, NICE Actimize. MBA in Marketing and Business Analytics from XLRI Jamshedpur.



Subrajit Kumar

Subrajit Kumar


An IIT Delhi and SP Jain alumnus, Subrajit is a seasoned data science professional with over 9 years of functional and consulting experience under his belt. He is an out of the box thinker with an eye for details. He co-founded i-Cube Analytics and has previously worked as a Strategy consultant with consulting companies like KPMG and Deloitte.

shashank desai

Shashank Desai

Raghav Maheshwari

Raghav Maheshwari

Vivek Rana

Vivek Rana

shambhavi chati

Shambhavi Chati

shubhankar suley

Shubhankar Suley

gouri chindarkar

Gouri Chindarkar


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