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Introducing Game Shield by VIndiata, your ultimate solution for safeguarding online gaming integrity. Our advanced technology detects and prevents fraudulent activities, ensuring fair play and trust within your gaming platform. With seamless integration and powerful insights, Game Shield empowers you to maintain a secure and reputable gaming ecosystem. Stay one step ahead of fraudsters and protect your players with Game Shield by VIndiata.

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Gameshield at our defence from

Multi- Accounting

Chip dumping


Money Laundering


When users create multiple accounts for misusing bonus/rewards from company it results in a revenue loss for the company.

Gameshield helps in determining the multiple accounts using their footprint on the platform and flags off any corresponding activity using those account.

Chip Dumping

Chips being dumped in a poker game for various purposes like tax evasion or others result in tarnishing the company’s reputation.

Gameshield analyses every poker table and game to judge whether any fraudulent activity is being repeated over time and flags it off for necessary action to be taken.


Multiple players on the platform colluding against other players giving them an added advantage based on information in the game.

Gameshield helps in identifying such cases using the stream of gameplay between different users on the platform.

Money Laundering

A player intentionally losing money to their own account in order to launder money. Also considered as a form of chip dumping.

Gameshield’s engine helps in identifying such cases and stopping those activities in their tracks.

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