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Optimizing Deposit Conversion Rates with Targeted Promotions

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This case study showcases how our company assisted a large real money multi-gaming platform in increasing deposit conversion rates by targeting users with low deposit intent. The client aimed to identify these users and deliver attractive promotions tailored to their preferences, thereby increasing the likelihood of deposits and boosting platform revenue.

Client Overview

Our client is a major player in the real money multi-gaming industry, offering a diverse range of games and experiences to its user base. To maximize revenue, the client sought to identify users who showed low deposit intent and devise strategies to encourage them to make deposits.

Problem Statement

The client’s primary challenge was to,

Identify Users with Low Deposit Intent: The client wanted to identify users who exhibited a low likelihood of making deposits on the gaming platform. By identifying these users, the client could develop targeted promotions and incentives to increase their chances of making deposits.

Solution Implemented:

To address the client’s challenge, we implemented the following solution:

  1. Development of a Machine Learning Model: We developed a robust machine learning model that predicts the likelihood of users making deposits on the gaming platform. Leveraging historical user data and analyzing user behavior patterns, the model could identify users who were most likely to make deposits in the future.
  2. User Intent Analysis: Our machine learning model analyzed various factors, including user activity, engagement, spending habits, and historical deposit patterns, to assess deposit intent accurately. By identifying patterns in user behavior, the model determined the probability of users making deposits.
  3. Tailored Promotions and Incentives: Armed with the insights from the machine learning model, the client could tailor promotions and offers to users with low deposit intent. These targeted promotions, personalized to each user’s preferences and gaming behavior, aimed to incentivize users to make deposits and increase the chances of conversion.

Results and Benefits

The implementation of our solution yielded the following outcomes and benefits for the client:

  1. Increased Deposit Conversion Rates: By identifying users with low deposit intent and targeting them with tailored promotions, the client witnessed a significant increase in deposit conversion rates. Users who were previously hesitant to make deposits were enticed by personalized offers, resulting in a higher number of successful conversions.
  2. Enhanced Revenue Generation: The targeted promotions and incentives implemented based on the machine learning model’s predictions resulted in a boost in platform revenue. The increased deposit conversion rates translated into higher overall revenue for the client’s real money multi-gaming platform.
  3. Improved User Engagement and Satisfaction: By tailoring promotions and offers to individual users, the client enhanced user engagement and satisfaction. Users felt valued and appreciated when presented with personalized incentives, creating a positive gaming experience and fostering long-term loyalty.
  4. Data-Driven Decision Making: The machine learning model provided the client with data-driven insights into user behavior and deposit intent. This information empowered the client to make informed decisions on promotional strategies, ensuring optimal allocation of resources and efforts.


Our solution effectively addressed the client’s challenge of increasing deposit conversion rates by targeting users with low deposit intent. Through the development of a machine learning model, we enabled the client to identify users most likely to make deposits and personalize promotions to boost their deposit chances. The result was a significant increase in deposit conversion rates, enhanced revenue generation, improved user engagement, and data-driven decision making. With our collaborative efforts, the client successfully optimized their real money multi-gaming platform, fostering a positive and rewarding experience for users while driving business growth.

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