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Game promotion strategies in Online Casinos

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The realm of iGaming online casinos is a vibrant and fiercely competitive landscape, where operators present players with an array of games from diverse publishers. Amid the continuous influx of new games and the challenge of standing out among the multitude of options, game publishers confront the intricate task of strategically promoting their creations. This blog delves into the complex world of promotions within the iGaming industry, exploring the diverse methods publishers employ to enhance game visibility and drive traffic. 

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The Impact of Promotions

In the vast expanse of games, promotions emerge as a lifeline for game publishers seeking to distinguish their offerings. These promotions act as a gateway to heightened visibility, increased traffic, and ultimately, elevated game counts. Similar to sponsored products on Amazon’s search page, promoted games gain superior visibility on the operator’s casino page.

Two Key game promotion strategies

iGaming promotions typically manifest in two primary forms: Vanilla or Fixed Offering and NGR Discounts.

Vanilla or Fixed Offering

  • Under this model, operators commit to promoting a game for a predetermined period at a fixed price offered by the game publisher. The success or failure of the game during the promotion period doesn’t financially impact the operator, but becomes crucial for the game publisher.

NGR Discounts

  • In this arrangement, game publishers share a portion of the Net Gaming Revenue (NGR) with operators. This mutual commitment means that both parties share the benefits and risks associated with the game’s performance during the promotion.

Diverse Forms of Promotions

Promotions take on various forms, each tailored to maximize visibility and engagement

a. Top Appearance of a Game

Games secure prime real estate on the casino’s webpage, occupying coveted slots in sections like recent launches, top picks, or featured games, resulting in heightened visibility and increased player engagement.

b. Dedicated Section for Game Publisher

Operators may collaborate with game publishers to create a dedicated casino section, exclusively showcasing games from the specific publisher. This targeted exposure directs player traffic to the publisher’s games.

c. Leaderboard

Coordinated efforts between operators and game publishers lead to the creation of leaderboard contests. VIP players are invited to participate, with the chance to win cash prizes, free games, or other incentives based on their performance. This lead to higher game counts for the games promoted

Strategic Considerations and Challenges

Promoting games through these avenues is a substantial investment, with some promotions costing thousands USD per game. With limited promotion budget, Game publishers must consider key questions before diving into promotions:

  • Partner Selection: Identifying the right operators for collaboration.
  • Game Selection: Determining which games warrant promotion.
  • Deal Structure: Choosing between Vanilla or NGR-based deals.
  • Cost Analysis: Calculating the upfront investment for a vanilla deal to ensure positive returns.

The Challenge of Decision Making:

The sheer scale of operations for a game publisher, which sometimes runs over 100 games distributed across thousands of operators’ sites globally, makes planning and tracking promotions a challenging endeavor.

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Introducing the CLAP Approach:

At VINDIATA, we have developed a four-step approach to simplify decision-making for promotions—the CLAP approach, revolving around four cornerstones: COLLECT, LOG, ANALYZE, and PREDICT. This approach not only automates and provides informed decisions on promotions but also results in higher IRR for each promotion spend. You can learn more about the CLAP approach in this blog.

With Vindiata’s CLAP approach as your compass, you can navigate the complexities of iGaming promotions with confidence. No more intuition-based decisions, no more blind bets. Our data-driven insights illuminate the path to optimal placements, targeted engagement, and ultimately, game counts that make your investment counts.

Let us be your secret weapon. Contact us today and join the winners’ circle in the iGaming arena.

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