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Strategic Game Promotion: Unveiling the Power of Business Intelligence with C.L.A.P.

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Elevating the growth and visibility of games, especially those published by game developers, hinges on a strategic alliance with online casinos. You can learn more on the industry dynamics on game promotions here.

This blog expounds on the nuanced intricacies of how game publishers conceive and execute promotions. These initiatives, while pivotal, often incur substantial costs, reaching into thousands of dollars per game per month. Consequently, the imperative for an astute and informed business intelligence approach to promotion campaigns becomes evident. VINDIATA, recognizing this need, has devised a comprehensive business intelligence approach known as CLAP, aimed at guiding game publishers in making well-informed decisions during the design and implementation of game promotion campaigns. The blog elucidates the CLAP business intelligence approach, unraveling its key steps for seamless implementation. 

Steps in C.L.A.P. approach


The initiation and decision-making of promotions occur beyond the confines of the gaming ecosystem, with specific promotion details often eluding capture. The inaugural step of CLAP involves creating a meticulous business intelligence system to COLLECT this information through a portal or a straightforward Google Sheet. This business intelligence repository should encompass comprehensive details such as promotion duration, game promotion specifics, the online casino’s website where the game is featured, promotion category (e.g., High visibility, Banner, Leaderboard), commercial details (vanilla or fixed cost), promotion type (single game or bundled offerings), target GameCount, Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR), and other pertinent business intelligence data. This business intelligence data collection ideally takes place before the launch of the promotion.


The LOG step involves recording business intelligence details on GameCount, Distinct Players, and GGR achieved during and after the promotion period. Real-time business intelligence logging provides a dynamic perspective on the promotion’s performance relative to historical benchmarks and predefined targets. This business intelligence logging activity persists until the conclusion of the promotion period.


The ANALYZE business intelligence step represents the crux of the process, offering insights into the promotion’s performance. It delves into the Actual Net Gaming Revenue (NGR) achieved during the promotion period, accounting for promotion expenses. Calculating the Internal Rate of Return (IRR) is an intriguing business intelligence challenge, as it is not a direct function of Actual NGR and promotion expenses. Monitoring Game Count and player activity beyond organic traffic underscores the promotional impact with a business intelligence lens.


Enabling the business intelligence prediction capability of a promotion’s effectiveness is the coveted goal for all game publishers. Following the initial three steps of the CLAP process positions this business intelligence capability within reach. The prediction engine should forecast NGR based on business intelligence input parameters like GameName, Online Casinos’ website, Promotion type, Promotion Category, and Duration of Promotion. Predicted NGR, aided by business intelligence, helps game publishers in determining whether to proceed with a promotion and under what conditions. This includes defining the type of commercial deal and establishing terms and conditions. A subsequent blog details the creation of the business intelligence prediction model.

VINDIATA’s proprietary CLAP approach and business intelligence models have demonstrated success in creating highly accurate predictive models and instilling greater confidence in the game publishing community while planning promotions with their online casino partners. Get in touch with the team to understand more about the CLAP business intelligence approach.

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